Delivery Details

Delivery Details Lead times  

Time to manufacture (& dispatch) NFC print products ¦ 10 business days

Time to collect (& dispatch) stocked NFC products ¦ 2–3 business days

Time to compose (& send by email) a pdf proof ¦ 2–3 business days

Time to program & mark (b/w marking) NFC inlays ¦ 2–5 business days


If your order is urgent, do always choose Parcel Service Air as a shipping mode. Do note that parcel service delivers only during business hours.

Please note that when customs clearance procedures are required, they can cause delays beyond our control affecting the delivery time.


Delivery methods tracking

In case your order has been agreed to ship by parcel service or courier service, you can request the tracking number for your shipment. In order to receive the number, please send a request to Unfortunately the orders which have been shipped by International Priority Letter, cannot be tracked.  


Delivery locations

We currently deliver to the countries which are listed for possible shipping countries at views: Shopping cart and Welcome to Checkout.

Please note that you are responsible that the product can be lawfully imported to your country. When ordering from TagAge ® it’s your responsibility to comply with all laws and regulations of the your/destination country.


Customs, Duties, and Taxes

International orders may be subject to various additional fees namely import taxes, customs duties and fees depending on the destination country. We have no control of these charges and they vary widely from country to country. Please contact your local customs office for more information.