TagAge® is an online platform for NFC products. TagAge ® was set up by Hansaprint OY in Finland in 2009 and 2015 TUOMI (limited company based in Luxembourg and Germany)  acquired the NFC division of Hansaprint Oy 2015.

TagAge® is a leading international brand for NFC stickers, print integration and NFC programming solutions. As one of the first portals to operate at a global scale, it provides products and services to customers in up to 50 countries. TUOMI ® has the capacity to deliver to large scale customers on the enterprise-level market (B2B). TUOMI ® already conducts and supports NFC-related projects worldwide.

The acquisition of TagAge® drives forward TUOMI’s ® global strategy of integrated services across the entire NFC ecosystem, covering NFC applications end-to-end, from NFC tags through to cloud services and mobile solutions.

TagAge® is your trusted supplier whenever you need high quality products like NFC inlays, SmartLabels, Label-on-Metal stickers, Window stickers, printed cards or MagnetTags. All NFC products can be delivered as unprogrammed or programmed (encoded). Typical contents in the tags we deliver are uri, smartposter, vcard, call, sms or text.

Lead time for blank inlays (unprinted, unprogrammed) and kits is 1–2 business days + shipping time. Typically we dispatch your order of blank inlays on next business day after receiving your order.

Lead time for printed NFC tags is 10 business days + shipping time. Shorter lead times can be achieved if your order has only unprogrammed SmartLabels. Greater amounts, programmed cards and window stickers needs lead time of 10 business days.

Learn more about TagAge® and TUOMI ® http://www.tuomi.eu