NFC Businesscard

NFC Business Card – follow up your business!     

The cloud and mobile end-user devices make data increasingly accessible, even on the move. Yesterday, data-sharing meant hard copies, or PDFs on CDs or USB sticks – today all you need is a download link. Data transfer by USB stick is certainly no faster, and definitely more complex than with our NFC-Business Card. With the TUOMI NFC-Business Card, you can retain that personal touch with partners and customers. 

This is how it works. Simply upload to the cloud the data you wish to make available, then give your customer your NFC Business Card with their own personal download link. You can administer this individual link via teggee, or in our tagsShare secure area. The TUOMI Tag Management System NFC link directs you to the right place. If you want to release a press kit or company report at a specific point in time, you can set this up through the same link. We can also enable detailed reporting tools, so that you can assess how your partners respond to your card-based campaigns. We are happy to provide information on a wide range of options. 

TUOMI’s versatile new product takes the business card concept to a different level, offering printers, advertising agents and you, as direct distributor, interesting new alternatives to today’s standard communication channels.

NFC business card
NFC Business Card