NFC Infoboards

It's so easy! 

Just hold your smartphone close to the NFC logo and the latest travel information automatically appears on the screen. Find out instantly when the next train is due! Data can be maintained and updated with minimum effort via the internet. 

Using an integrated TUOMI app, people with visual impairment can also hear train times read aloud on their phones.

NFC in action on Austria’s S-Bahn networks 

Train times at S-Bahn stops via NFC tags and QR codes 

Passengers on Austria's ÖBB public transport networks can now use NFC technology and QR codes at S-Bahn and Postbus stops to access current timetables. For the ÖBB, a major advantage of this innovative information delivery system is that all timetable information is managed and updated via centrally administered servers. 

In a joint project with TUOMI, Austrian signage company Bayer Schilder created the infrastructure for this service. All timetable boards are provided with NFC tags and QR codes, centrally administered by TUOMI. This makes the signage production process much easier, as timetable data are added post-production – so no incorrect QR codes or NFC tags are incorporated. Another advantage of this system is that information providers can change or upgrade their IT platforms without any effect on existing tags or codes. As the NFC tags and QR codes can be updated at any time via TUOMI's databases, they will not be affected. 

In future, dynamic information updates on delays or cancellations could be made available; of course, relevant advertising material could also be integrated in the system. 

Passengers can also copy links to their regular routes to their own NFC tags, for use in the workplace or at home – perhaps stuck to the fridge – for fast, easy transport information without time-consuming internet searches.