NFC for museum

Transform a museum visit into a dynamic new experience! Boring audioguides are a thing of the past – today, with our app, visitors can independently discover and explore a wealth of fascinating background information on their own choice of exhibits. 


  • minimal configuration requirements 
  • visitors use their own familiar personal devices 
  • intuitive to use 
  • no public internet connection needed within the building 
  • no roaming charges

Set new display standards with NFC – and impress your visitors.

With NFC you can design cost-effective interactive exhibitions which enhance your visitors’ experience, encourage them to explore and choose which extra information they want to access, focusing on their own interests. You can adapt content to respond to the needs of a range of target groups, so that information for children, for example, differs from that aimed at adults. The app can also benefit international visitors – multilingual versions could provide access to content in their own language. 

There is great excitement in store from 28 May in Schloss Gottorf, Schleswig, Germany, and then from October in Kotka, Finland. There, you can experience a special exhibition entitled Von Degen, Segeln und Kanonen – Der Untergang der Prinzessin Hedvig Sofia [Of Rapiers, Sails and Cannons – The Sinking of the Prinsessan Hedvig Sophia] in an entirely new way, based on the TUOMI multimedia management system. NFC-enabled tablets will be available for every visitor. The countdown is on! To find out more, visit

TUOMI has developed a unique app generator to make it easy for you to create your own museum apps. No need for programming skills – in just three simple steps you can produce your own NFC apps to market and distribute how, when and where you choose. If you have any questions or installation problems, we are, of course, happy to help.