Stick around with our new magnetic tags

stick around

New magnetic tags

In addition to SmartLabel, Label-on-Metal, NFC card and Window Sticker TagAge customers now have an option for Magnet Tag. It is based on Label-on-Metal sticker which has ferrite shield in order to ensure a tag is functional on metal surface. Magnet layer behind the tag makes it easier to stick on metal – no adhesive needed anymore.

Magnet Tag will be printed according to customer’s own artwork and even with variable data if there is need for personalizing. Finishing options, like glossy and matte lamination are available like always with TagAge products.

Tip 1: There are some cost effective sizes we would like to recommend – these are actually same for Label-on-Metal stickers:
Round/square: 29 mm, 43 mm, 63 mm etc.
Rectangle: 46 x 53 mm, 36 x 68 mm, 30 x 96 mm etc.

Tip 2: Ferrite material used in Label-on-Metal stickers and Magnet Tags is expensive material. Do choose as small size as possible in order to keep cost down. 


Use cases for Magnet Tags:

Direct marketing: Send Magnet Tags along with DM material, to those customer you anticipate to be the “first-runners” in adopting NFC and using NFC phones.

Point-of-sales: stick several Magnet Tags (printed with a brand design) near a cashier/encounter in order to raise awareness about your brand and offer a mobile marketing channel.

Daily service needs at home or at workplace: Have Magnet Tags for ordering pizza (URL, call), taxi (call, SMS) or getting easy access to your favorite news site (URL).



When you get interested, please contact us by placing a request for quote or more information!


We will try to figure different use cases and upload pictures to TagAge Mobile Google + album – see below.