NFC for Tourism

Tourist information for cities, communities, museums and more Information services 

Our NFC solutions make it simple for you to provide multimedia information on places and objects of interest. 

  • Provide visitors with interactive, multimedia information … 
  • ... using information boards sited at POIs and interactive street maps. 
  • Manage visitor flow in real time. 
  • Offer an attractive, dynamic advertising platform – to the local restaurant and hospitality trade, for example. Integrate restaurants, hotels, retail businesses and museums in your presentation. Feature nearby museums and restaurants, with opening times and even daily menus. 

    Fun and games

  • Highlight sightseeing and specially themed routes to guide visitors and enhance their experience of your town. 
  • Create discovery trails with fun features for children and young people.  


  • Generate statistical information on visitor numbers and route usage.
  • Find out which information points attract particular interest.
  • Experience the development of your promotion in real time. 
  • Provide retailers and the hospitality sector with clear evidence on the impact of promotions and campaigns. 


  • Projects can be completely refinanced from advertising revenue. 
  • Compatibility with standard devices (smartphones, tablets, NFC tags) means cost savings for you – visitors bring their own hardware with them. 
  • Benefit from an enhanced image as an innovative user of modern technology .